May 30, 2012

No Body Knows My Birthday

One of the most important things I don't like people to know about me is my birthday. Let me explain you why! Let's start by the way I look. I look like a god damn 12 years old. Have to say it's good in someway, but not too good in others. Like the time I went to a restaurant & they offer me the kids menu =\ it was the most awkward moment in my entire life. & then, we have the advantage of it, in which goes from paying kids price at any event & even get free stuff. But it's not just about the way I look, it's also about my grade level, I'm a kinda of a smart kid & I really don't show it too much but the people that really know me, knows that, but when it comes to a stranger or someone I just met, it's good to just left them confuse of who I am & that's how I rule. Some people think I'm older, younger, etc. but they'll never going to find out until I tell them, but hopefully I won't. Lol.