May 30, 2012

Why I Love Starbucks

If you're a person who knows me well enough, you might know that I love Starbucks. Starbucks for me is something new, in which I often try to try something new every time I get a chance to go. Some people say they don't like Starbucks because they don't like coffee. Do deli's only sell bagels & coffee? No.
Starbucks has something for everyone from my perspective. If you're a person who haven't got a chance to try Starbucks at least once, I'm telling you, you are messing the good stuff. I understand that Starbucks can be a little costly but I'm not trying to say to go everyday. Once in a while might not hurt you & your wallet. So, in case you decide to go to Starbucks, here are some of my suggestions,

Mocha Cookie Crumble
Caramel Macchito

Please, leave a comment below and let me know what is your favorite drink from Starbucks & what you think about it.

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