June 1, 2012

9/11 Memorial Experience

We all have been really touch by the terror attacks of September 11, 2001 in the United States, where about 3,000 Innocent people got kill. On September 11, 2011, ten years later after the attacks, the 9/11 Memorial was finally open to the public. I got my chance to go visit the Memorial for the first time at the beginning of the spring, & let me tell you, it's something that I would never forget.
When I first walked in, my mind cleared off. I couldn't believe of how mazing this place look. There are two enormous waterfalls pools set within the footprints of the twin towers. Once I started to get near to one of them, the sound of the waterfalls were getting louder and louder, making me feel more peaceful than ever before. On the edges of the pools, the names of the people who lost their lives during the attacks are printed. When I finally got to see that, it was hard for me to believe that something that terrible happened. I looked around & see the continues construction of buildings that are been build around the memorial. They even made the moment more memorable because it gave me the though, if something this terrible happened and we had the decision to just let it go or get up on our feet and make something this beautiful, is just unbelievable. Me personally, never actually got a chance to visit the twin towers when they were still standing. After I got a look at the south pool, I walked up to see the other, the north pool & again the emotion was the same. Later sometime, it was my time to go, but I knew this wasn't going to be my last visit, so I visit again a month later. This time, I brought in some friends. I explained them my first reaction of the place & they totally agreed with me. It was really fun to share emotions & thoughts with someone you know in a place where peace, love & so many good things goes around. After my second visit, the 9/11 Memorial became one of my favorite places to visit in New York City. And can't wait to share my thoughts & knowledge when I go back during the summer with my lovely family.