June 4, 2012

New York City Adventure (Times Square)

Like most of you might know by now, I love New York City. I have spend so much time in this amazing city that I just wanted to share with you all the things I know & do while I'm in the city. Let's start from the heart of NYC, Times square. Times Square is huge commercial intersection in which you'll find all the most popular stores, hotels, museums and even broadway shows.
Times Square is best known for advertising, these advertisers are shown by either big LED screens known as Spectaculars that are located everywhere, from West 42th to West 47th streets, in the intersection of Broadway & Seventh Avenue, which makes up Times Square. Times Square is wonderful, not just to see it, but to experience the stuff that it has to provide. Times Square is a main point of NYC & it's visit by millions of people every year, so if your coming to NYC, Times Square must be your first stop. Like I said before, Times Square has a lot of things to provide, so you would probably be here for some time. You can start going to some of the famous, popular stores that often provide great deals , but not just that, the stores itself are incredible like Toy-R-Us, m&m & Hershey's. Once you have visit some of those stores, you can try to go to the TKTS stairs, which are located right in the middle of Times Square. These stairs brings a great view to the entire Times Square area & if you're tired, you can just sit on them & relax. And if you're hungry, you can try some of the restaurants around, or just get McDonald's which is next to the TKTD stairs. If you still have sometime, you can try to go to a museum, like the Madame Tussauds, Believe it or not & Discovery Times Square Museum which often have some really interesting exhibitions, or you can just go and enjoy a broadway show like Wicked, Mary Poppins, etc. Times Square is beautiful & unique, so make sure to visit this place on your next visit to NYC.

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