June 13, 2012

School Painting

If you guys are following on instagram (like you should >>>) you might know that I posted a photo of a painting I made not too long ago. So I got the idea to write & go over the process and how I got the idea of making this amazing piece of art.
Everything started back in the beginning of 2011, when a friend and I were walking & talking about what we want for our future, then I saw someone doing an amazing painting on a wall & it was beautiful. Since then I said to myself "I want to do that" & yes I did, but what should I paint? was the question. After going through many choices, at the end, I ended up deciding to paint one of the main destinations of many people from my high school, Fire Island. Fire Island is an island not too far from my high school town & it's an island where most people spend their free time, specially during the summer. Once I knew what I was going to paint, it was time to decide where i want to paint it? One of my teachers found out about my idea & she wanted me to do my painting in her classroom. I was really glad that she asked me because i was thinking to paint it in there any way because of the history behind the that classroom, which even before i knew about the place, many people I know, have been in that room, taking the same class that changed all of our lives in many ways. Once that was done, it was time to start. I started my painting in midd December 2011. The drawing itself took me at least 3 days, but then I had christmas break & I couldn't paint until school started again. Now it's 2012 and there were many things going on in school, but still I managed to work on my painting once in a while. One of the problems I had With this painting was to come with the right colors, but thankfully I came out with something similar. After trying to finish with this painting as soon as possible, i did not have enough time. Finally on June 6th, I finish my painting, but I needed to add my sign on it, so it wasn't totally done. My art teacher who helped me with the paint & most of the supplies & others teachers decided to do a little art exhibit with all my art paintings & sculptures on my last day of high school, June 7th. There was food, drinks, many people. I was really proud with all the things I done & see that people like it. Then the time came to sign my name on it & just like that, I finished my painting. Everyone was really happy & really surprise with art skills. Here a photo from the beginning of the process & the finish result.