June 10, 2012


Wigs is a brand new YouTube channel that produces high quality short film stories with strong female leads and it has been my favorite YouTube channel for the last 2 weeks. "WIGS will take you on an unpredictable, often outrageous journey into the lives, loves, and lies of our characters".
The first short film story called Jan, that is created by 15 short episodes is an amazing and really inspiring story of a woman called Jan, who's try to become a professional photographer but before she makes it that far, she needs to learn that the camera does not lie & to able to get the perfect shot, she needs to live the moment & learn about her surroundings. Then, there's Serena, "Lust. Temptation. Forbidden love. All under god's roof" . Who thinks she needs to be forgiven for everything she does to be able to be in peace with god. And then we have Blue, who has an ugly secret, second life and would do everything to try to keep her son from knowing it. This new production premiers on June 11th, so make sure to stay tuned & don't miss out this inspiring story. Here are the links to Wigs short films http://watchwigs.com/ http://www.youtube.com/wigs & don't miss out the future of entertaining. "Wigs, Where It Gets Interesting"