August 9, 2012

Lady Gaga Vogue Cover HOT!

Lady Gaga shared her new Cover on the September Issue of Vogue Magazine with her little monsters

yesterday through twitter and of course she looks amazing. I know she is a crazy fashionista but when i first saw this cover for the first time, the first word came into my mind was HOT! Call me weird but she actually looks really nice and that dress.... mm has a lot to talk about. She wore Marc Jacobs, and while i was doing some research about her cover, i found this "We kinda think she’s channeling a drag queen but in the best possible way. Gaga’s monsters agree" Well, i don't think she looks like a Drag Queen, maybe she does but not to me. I think she looks classic compare to her previous Vogue Cover (Right Cover) and from many outfits later. In Vogue September Issue, "Think You Know Lady Gaga? Think Again" article, it explains how Lady Gaga does it all in her own terms and conditions. It also gives away a little sneak peek of her future fragrance "Fame" and her world tour. The Vogue September Issue will be available on August 21, 2012. So, what you think of her cover? Do you think she looks like a drag queen? Leave a comment below. =D

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