September 16, 2012

N.Y.C Pranked by "Famous Celebrity"

New York City has a new Celebrity in town, but fake! That's right, apparently everyone can become a Famous Celebrity now a days. Just need the right people at the right time and bomb, you're a famous celebrity. A guy named Brett Cohen come up with the amazing idea to get himself some professional body guards, some assistants and photographers to act like they were paparazzi. Coming out from the 49th street (NBC Studios) acting like he was the next Big Start. People gather together to take pictures with him while he walks in the crowded streets of New York City. Although he is not an actual Celebrity, people pretend to know him and some of them were even interviewed and asked questions about him, many did not know anything about him or what he does and were put some very awkward positions. Watch the view below to watch how New York City was Prank by this "Famous Celebrity".

After watching this video, I was shocked of how easy everyone can become famous, and I also was shocked of how fake people are. I'm not talking about Brett, I'm talking about the people who pretend to know him and pretend to love him and be his biggest fans. I wonder what was their reaction when they watched this video. I can not even imagine lmao. This video left me with many questions about people and their social lives. Leave me a comment below about what you think of this video. =D 

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