October 14, 2012

New York Adventure (Central Park)

Central Park! A park where you can walk and walk and walk until you realized you had walk over 40 blocks and you haven't even gotten half way through the park.
The number one thing i like about this park, is you'll always find a place to relax and enjoy an amazing view of the new york sky line. At the moment you walk into park, the first thing you will feel is peace. The people in this park are so nice, and quiet, you won't even feel like there're people in this park. lmao. One thing that i still find really interesting, is that the animals at this park are actually not affray of humans. You can walk into a squirrel and take a photo from just a foot away, this usually never happens. Central Park is not just a park, it also have many fun attractions, restaurants and even stores. Plus is between the two amazing museums,  the Museum Of Natural History  and the Metropolitan. Every time I'm Central park, it reminds me of the movie, Little Manhattan, which by the way, is one of my favorite movies of all time, and the main reason why i love this park, Not kidding. And it also reminds me of other movies that were shot in this park and many love stories. This park is beautiful, and an amazing place to fall in love. The last time i went to this park, i saw a couple, they look like they were in their late 30's, They were sitting under a tree, holding hands while talking and laughing. Let me tell you, that made my entire day. They looked so in love, that i got jealous.lmao. But this park is not only good for couples, no, it's also good for singles, believe me, there're a lot of hot people in this park. My main point is, Central park is not just a park, it's more than just that and it has something for everyone, even if don't like parks, believe me, you will like this one. Below are some photos i took in my last visit to Central Park, hope you all enjoy them. =D

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