November 3, 2012

New York Adventure (Empire State Building)

The Empire State Building is the second tallest building in New York City, This beautiful building is located in the middle of New York City and it has 102 floors and it's 1,454 feet tall. I got a chance to go visit this amazing building and go up to its observation deck located on the 86th floor. The crazy ride to get to this floor was absolutely crazy, the elevator floor counter, counts by 10 by every second. lmao It was fast and a little scary. Once i got to the Observation Deck the view was amazing, unique, i had no words. I felt proud to be able to be up there, it was just something unbelievable. Although it was ready crowed (like usually is) the experience of looking down and get the feeling of falling off is just crazy and funny. This building not only have one of the best view in New York City but it also has one of the most unique attraction, Located at the 2nd floor of this Amazing building, the Sky-Ride will bring you to the sky of New York City, showing you the amazing view of New York City from the sky and some amazing places of New York, so you don't actually need to expend hundreds of dollars for a Helicopter ride. If you ever come to New York City, The Empire State Building is one of your must visit locations. Below are some photos i look on my last visit to the Empire State Building, hope you enjoy and talk to you all later =D

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