November 13, 2012

Twitter Obsession

That's Right, I'm Obsesses with Twitter lmao 

Can you guess what's the first thing i do when i wake up in the morning? If you say "go on twitter" you got that right. My obsession with twitter has gone to a point that i can't live without it, i have to check and update my time line every second and even if there are no new tweets, i still continue to check and check until there are. Before i made my twitter account, i was obsessed with FaceBook, but not as much as I'm with twitter today. At first i thought twitter was weird and couldn't actually understand it, but once i got to use it more and more and more, that now it came to the point i can't live with it. I find twitter an easy way to stay connected with the world. I know things before my local news does and i know what my friends are into, I even have made friends with people from other countries and locations that i never knew it existed. Plus, i can get close and connected with my favorite celebrities! Twitter for me is no longer a Social Network, it is part of my life and i seriously love it and i won't stop using it until i actually feel like it. Are you obsessed with twitter, too? Leave me a comment And Follow me on twitter if you haven't @Javiortiz159 =D

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