January 14, 2013

Milan Fashion Week - Men Fall/Winter 2013-14

Milan Fashion Week Men Fall/Winter 2013-14 is here and as my job, i come out with some trends that we might be seeing a lot this Fall/Winter 2013-14. Let's start by talking about the colors, this Fall/Winter Primary and Natural colors are on season again. Like seem in Gucci & Prada, Color and Shapes seems like they're going to be warming up a lot this Fall/Winter season. We all know Fall/Winter Seasons is all about the Lather but for 2013-14, we might be seeing a lot of Leather in color. Seems like Color is going to be a huge trend this year and i have a feeling it's going to stay for a long time.

SunGlasses seems to not be only for Spring/Summer season. Like seem in Emporio and Versace. Sunglasses not only complement the out-fit, it also makes it more elegant and formal.  A lot of people said SunGlasses are just for the Summer season, When it's warm and the sun is really bright. But Sunglasses weren't made to protect our eyes form the warm, they were made for the sun and the sun brights up all year around. I Personally think sunglasses are amazing and are a great accessory, especially for men.  

Prints have been in season for a while now, and it seems like it's here to stay. Like seem in Versace, Amazing Floral Prints, and Shapes Prints make the Fall/Winter warm and elegant. Prints are great, and aren't seem a lot during this season, but i have a feeling it's going to be different this year. Prints sometimes can be hard to mix with, but they're sure are amazing. Prints can make an out-fit especial depending of the kind print and shape. 

Milan Fashion Week Runways (Video):
Photos Provided by CTPost

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