March 30, 2013

DIY: Jean Shorts

 You Will Need:
  1. A pair of Jeans. 
  2. A pair Scissors.
  3. A Marker. 
  4. A Ruler.
  5. A Knife.
  6. A Piece of Carton or a Cutting Board.
  7. A Flat Surface you can work on. 
  8. Parents Supervision.   

 Let's Get Started

Step 1:  Put on your jeans and choose your desire length for your new Jean Shorts and mark a line with a marker on one leg.  
 Step 2:  Then, lay your jeans on a flat surface. When you're done, take your ruler and draw a line on the mark you did on "Step 1" or "Step 4".  

 Step 3:  Take you scissors and cut through the line you drew on "Step 2".
 Step 4: After you're done cutting, take the leftover piece and place it on top of the second leg (Make sure the bottom and the sides of the leftover piece lines up with the ones of the Second leg). After you place doth pieces together, mark a line on the second leg, exactly where the top of the leftover piece ends and repeat "Step 2" and "Step 3".
Step 5: This step is optional, if you like the straight line cup of your new jean shorts, you are completely done. But if you don't, place your jean shorts on top of a piece of carton or cutting board. Then, take your knife and slowly start cutting the ends of the jean legs to give your new jean shorts that cool cut effect. After you're done cutting, you are done.

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