March 19, 2013

Let It Rain, Somewhere Else!

Back Button Turtle Neck Sweater from American Eagle, Black Jacket from Spirit, Scarf from H&M, Jeans from H&M and Yellow Wheat Boots from DSW

Am I the only one who is seriously tired of New York's bitchy weather?? Because i am! I love New York, It always have been my favorite city in the entire world and it still is, but the weather lately, has been really annoying. I spend most of my time going around places, I'm always on the go and dealing with snow, rain and winds make things a little more difficult. But it's not just about snow, rain or winds, we are in the middle of March! Spring officially starts tomorrow and i see not signs of warm weather. Just hope it starts warming up really soon because i can't wait to start wearing shorts and to be able to wear a t-shirt without having to wear a jacket. #NeedSummer 
On the other hand, How are you guys? I'm sorry for not blogging in my ordinary schedule time. Have been having a lot of meetings lately, school is a killer and the weather is making things a little harder for taking photos, but don't worry, i try my best to bring you a blog post on schedule. =D

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