March 27, 2013

Most Have Shoes for Spring 2013

1. Sperry Top-Sider Authentic Original Relaxed Leather Boat Shoe
  • You can never go wrong with a Boat Shoe this season. This shoe has a great combination of natural matte colors which goes great with any casual out-fit. 

  • This Shoe is also great for any casual out-fit but compare to the previous shoe, this one can actually be dressed up. Its Color make it perfect to chi down a more classical look, perfect for the office too.  

  • This Shoe is perfect for a casual look, but it can also be dressed up. The shoe's design is perfect to make any out-fit look chic and classic, also perfect for the office. 

  • It's the perfect time to wear sneakers again, they are casual and comfortable. 

  • Who said Boots were only for Fall/Winter? Well they're not. You can still wear boots even through spring season. This boot is great to wear through spring season because it will make your out-fit look chic and unique. 
  • The colors on the back of this sneaker are great for this spring season, they are fun and bring a great little touch to your out-fit. 

  • Primary matte colors are in season and this shoe is a great way to fit into this trend.  

  • Boots can still be worn through this season, this boot is great for a chic and unique look just like shoe #7, but this boot can be dressed up.  

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