March 28, 2013


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I was walking on my way home yesterday and i saw some kids riding their scooters and so many good memories came to mind. It reminded me when i use to ride my scooter mostly everywhere during the summer of 2007. I was such a kid back then. It also reminded me of how good i was riding a scooter and how many cars almost run me over. So today i decided to ride my scooter again after so many years and let me tell you, it felt good riding my old scooter again. Even though i can't do any tricks like i used to, I still enjoy riding it really fast and just like back in those days, a car almost runs me over hehe. So i have a questions for you all, Is there something you would like to do again that you haven't done in a long time? Leave me a comment below. =D 

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  1. i wish i could just hang out with no worries at just living ya know , being with friends and just no worries , like today omg stress each day its crazy ,.....thats all basically . i never had a scooter so not really if i had to say one i guess .....not started smoking . ive quit now but life would have been different if i never started :) your a great model btw ..