April 4, 2013

It's Just Getting Started

Brown Striped Cardigan from Gap(Similar Here) Beige Shirt from Target(Similar Here) Black Jeans from Macy's(Here) Brown Dress Shoes (Similar Here)Aviator Sunglasses from ASOS(Here)

 Before this year started, I asked myself "What do i want to do with my life?" and many thoughts came to mind. I kept getting all these crazy thoughts of i what i wanted to do with my life but i wasn't too sure of how I was going to achieve them. But after a lot of headaches and lack of sleep, i some how figured it out and made a choice and I stick to it. But there are sometimes that i second guess myself of what I'm doing is wrong! I know these kind of thoughts are the ones that stop people from following their dreams and goals, but i always try to remember that I'm not the only one having these kind of guesses. Everyone who is just starting to know and understanding the requirements of life have these guesses, and i have to remember that I'm Just Getting Started. That things are going to work fine and all those crazy thoughts I had are finally going to be my reality.   

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