April 9, 2013

The Sun Is Bright

Yellow Shirt from Gap (SImilar Here) Brown Jeans from Kohl's (Similar Here) White Shoes (Similar Here) Sunglasses from Guess (Similar Here)

Warm weather is finally here and this time I think is staying (at least for the next couple of months). Today i decided to wear my sneakers, which I bought them like a year ago, I usually never wear them and only have been wearing them since I started going to the gym but today I wore them. I pair them up with my brown jeans from kohl's and a yellow shirt from gap which is a size bigger than my normal size. When i walked out my house, I realized the sun was bright and hot (Who know the sun was Bright and hot hehe) so i took out my Sunglasses from Guess and enjoyed a lovely train ride. =D 

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