May 3, 2013

"Do I Love and Accept Who I Am Today?"

Last week, I was sitting in the waiting area of my school waiting for my time to go to my second class when I  decided to pick-up the school newspaper, which was laying on the side table next to me. When I was looking through it, I found an article that caught my interest. After reading it, I knew I needed to post it on my blog and I also realized that i knew the person who wrote it. The article was written by someone that I used to see a lot around campus but actually never have chance to talk to 'till days before I found this article. Her name is Tiffany Hervas, she is well known for her monthly column "Ask Tiffany" on the SCCC Newspaper and she recently won a Third Place Award at the College Media Association Convention which is held in NYC. I talked to her and I asked her if could share her article on my blog and she said "yes". So, without further ado, Here's Tiffany's Article.

"This month's topic question was difficult to answer because it is a question millions of people battle with everyday. This question is not often asked, and so, i had to confront it myself. "Do I love and accept who I am today?" In asking others, their responses were as speechless and blank as mine first was. How does a person really know if they truly love themselves? Is it in the way they allow others to treat them? or the way they view themselves or the way they treat others? What is it?

This left me reverting back to my favorite principle of my own. That is "love one another as you would love yourself". This short Chinese proverb speaks volumes. How could one claim to love another if they do not first love themselves? The act is impossible because love must first be distributed from within. If there is no love inside, therefore one is incapable of giving love to another. Self-love and acceptance is vital.

Society portrays an image of the ideal man and women and says, "Be like them because that is what's in vogue, that's what sells". By always imposing superficial beauty and extravagant materialism it cause people to feel insignificant. And while everyone becomes fixated on conforming to the ways of the world, they end up losing themselves in the process.

"For what does it benefit a person if he gains the word's approval an losses or forfeits himself?" This powerful biblical truth confirms the detrimental risks a person takes just feel accepted. All in all, the main issue with self-love is the inability to accept flaws and imperfections. The fast-paced culture we live in forces us to either stand firm in who we are or be swept away by the current of the newest trends.

Therefore, in order to stand firm in who you are, you must first know yourself. Sounds reasonable enough? In order to this, a warm-up exercise is needed. Walk to a mirror and take a good look at yourself. Analyze everything without looking at your physical appearance. See the inner you, the good and the bad, do not set focus on one thing. Know that we were all uniquely created. We were all different from the start of being formed in our mother's wombs. Birthed with our own specific set of gifts and talents, we were not meant to become clones of each other.

Embrace the differences in yourself and accept the imperfections. Do not allow others, Least of all society, change you. Loving yourself will require hard work and effort, but it is a necessity. Remember, you connot love another if you do not first love yourself! As according to psychologist, Dr.Debra Khoshaba, "Self-love is an action not a state of feeling good". It increases by actions that mature us; such as the surrounding of positive supportive people, improvement of skills and also character, learning new things, exercising and setting aside specific goals. She confirms, "You will love yourself more if you see yourself accomplish what you set out to do".

Learn to forgive yourself and let go of the past because time stops for no one. It holds no prisoners. It is we who are the jailers of our own cells; we are our own worst enemy. Therefore, I encourage you today to free yourself from everything that holds you captive. Look in the mirror and establish a daily goal to move towards a life filled with purpose, to love yourself and love others just the same. Live and enjoy in the present because you never know what tomorrow may bring."

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