May 19, 2013

What Are You Wearing? - Bazini Bah-Traore

True Religion Hat from True Religion (Here), Abercrombie Plaid Shirt from A&F (Here), Hermes Belt from Saks & Fifth Ave (Here), Blue Polo Neon Socks from Bloomingdales, Platinum Lebro 10s from Foot Locker

When you are in school, you're surrounded by many people, but only some of them sometimes stand out the most and that's how i found Bazini Bah-Traore. Spring was shown by all the neon colors he was wearing, which not many people can pull off. He said his outfit was inspire by his socks, which he got from bloomingdales. He told me a story that when he was at boomingdales, he wasn't sure what he wanted to get for himself, but when he was looking through the back of the racks, he saw those blue neon socks and he fell in love with them and so he got them. I love how everything mix and match, his outfit is chic and perfect for spring and summer season. What you think of his outfit? Leave your comment below. 

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