August 3, 2014


Hello everyone, Today I'm back with my July Favorites of the month. July was a crazy month for me, from working on exciting projects that soon will be announced to personal reasons. Not to mention, it's summer time & knowing me, I'm always trying to make the best out of it. So, no farther do, here are my July favorites of the month


When I saw this shirt on ZARA's Summer/Spring 2014 Catalog, I fell in love with it. This shirt is not just a shirt, but also works as a cardigan which is great, I love things that can be wore in multiple ways. I wore this shirt to different occasions and I got a lot of compliments on this shirt. It's classic, yet still chic and fashionable.


One most have in your closet, is a good pair of black jeans. They go with everything you want and for any occasion. They make any look chic and edgy. I got this one from H&M and they reason because It's my July favorites is because, my old pair wasn't having it anymore and It decided to rip. So, I got to get a new one as soon as possible and since then, I've been wearing like crazy.


It's Summer season, You let this season go without wearing a pair of sandals. Just like Zara Shirt, once I saw this babies on the catalog, I knew they were going to be mine. I've been using these sandals like crazy, paired up with my H&M black jeans.  


You can't never go wrong with a good sale deal right? When I saw this Backpack at an Aldo store months ago, I knew at some point I was going to be back to get it. And once I saw this bag on sale, I didn't think about twice and I went and get it. I have a weird obsession with bags, and I just felt in love with this one and I've been using like crazy as well since then. 


I do most of my work on my iPad. But since I started doing Edit Outfits, this pen has been a life saver. This pairsice pen, just like Its name, gives you a persice point to pick and write on your iPad. Surprisingly, This pen only cost me $30 dollars at Target and it works great compare to those pen that cost hundreds of dollars. 


I like to describe my hair style as a mess. I like my hair messy and curled, even though my hair is flat. But lately, I've been using this Tresemme Hairspray, and It not just holds my hair for hours, but it last me till the next day, or till the point I get a shower. I been through a lot of hairsprays, but this one my friend, It holds.

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