July 5, 2014


Hello Everyone, Today I'm back with my first-ever monthly favorites. I Love sharing everything with my readers and I found this segment a really easy way to share with you all, my favorite items of clothing and accessories for the month. I hope you all like it and comment below with your thoughts, I love hearing from you. That's all for today and let's get right to it. 

Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Sunscreen

When I first found this sunscreen during the summer of last year, I felt in love with it. I used it everyday during my daily summer skin routine and for some reason I stopped using it when winter came around. Which was a huge mistake, because this sunscreen actually helped my skin and a lot, without even realizing it. So much, that now It's in my skin routine year around. This sunscreen doesn't just give the sun protection necessary for my skin, but compare to other sunscreens, it doesn't feel greasy and keeps my oil under control. Which is perfect for myself with Normal-Oily skin. That's why this item is not only one of my monthly favorites, but year around.     

Black Fedora Hat
Let's be honest, I love fedora hats or hats in general. Even thought the bigger the better. I have a big collection of hats and for this month, I have been in love with this black fedora hat, which I got from Target. I love how just by putting this hat on, no matter what I'm wearing, it makes my outfit fashionable and stylist, instantly without even trying.  

Green Bag
When I saw this bag, I knew it was the start of a long relationship. Since then, this bag has been my last minute, "I know It will look good with my outfit" kind of bag. It's big enough to carry all my stuff when I'm on the go and when carry with the handle, people will be looking lol.    

Jean Jacket
I always wanted a jean jacket and for some reason, I never bought one. But thanks for my sister, she gave me one for my birthday a couple of weeks ago. And since then, I've been using it mostly every time It gets a little chilly around here. I love how this jacket gives you that edgy look we all love and mostly, it's warm enough for a chilly evening or night, and fresh enough for a nice summer day. 

It's summer, and no matter where you go, you can't never forget your sunglasses. This month, I've been in love with these pair of sunglasses I got from H&M. They look stylist with any outfit, which are perfect to keep in your car, or in your bag and use them anytime you need them without worrying if it looks good or bad with your outfit. 

White Sneakers 
When I bought these pair sneakers from DSW, at last minute back in march, thanks for an unexpected stay in NYC. I been using them like crazy. They are comfortable and the best part, they are great to make any outfit, look chic and summery. Which is perfect for this summer season.  

Inspirational NoteBook
I found this book when I was shopping and I found it really Inspirational, not only to keep myself motivated but also to continue dreaming. In this book, I keep all my ideas and plans. I'm always carrying this book, because you be surprise when you get a big idea and even thought we might say "I'll remember" we actually don't. So, always write things down. 

Details Magazine
I love reading and seeing magazines, but lately, I've been obsessed with Details Magazine. So obsessed, that I even carry the latest issue with me everywhere I go. It keeps me updated with men's wear and it also gives me inspiration of what I should wear next, even when I can't come up with it myself. 

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