June 16, 2015

MAY Update!

What happened? Where I've been? MAY Update!

Hello everyone! If you haven't noticed by now, It's been a while since I was posted something here on Javiortiz.com. Specially, on the most important month of the year for Javiortiz.com and for myself.

When I first made Javiortiz.com, on the same day of my birthday 3 years ago, I never thought it was going to change my life forever. At first, and till this day, Javiortiz.com has been a place for me to express myself, share my creativity and my passion for all the things I love. I have always say and I still do, "Even if this wasn't my job today, I would still do it no matter what", because this is not just a hobby but part of my life.

May is a very special month for myself, the weather starts getting warmer, schools are ending, it's my birthday month, it's mother's day, the anniversary of Javiortiz.com, etc. Many special moments has been made during this month, But the pass May, a couple of addition events has been add to this month, making one the most months of all my life.

Starting at the begging of the month, I created a new company called Marketing with MIA (MarketingWithMIA.com). Thanks to Javiortiz.com, I been giving the honor to gather creative people and create MIA. MIA is mainly focus on helping small local business with marketing strategies. MIA is also will be focusing in making Javiortiz.com happen. That's right, Javiortiz.com will be soon, will be a better place to know all the fashion trends, lifestyle tips and more. For the last couple of weeks, MIA has been working on projects made specially for Javiortiz.com and the new face of Javiortiz.com will be launching soon. 

After all the excitement of my latest creation, during the middle of month, I received a very sad news that been keeping myself from lack of inspiration and work flow. That very sad news was the dead of my father. Who died from an unexpected heart attack at a very young age. This news has been keeping myself to focus on my family, and myself. 

After the news, I decided cancel all my plans for the rest of the month, including my birthday plans,  Javiortiz.com anniversary party and other work project I had planned. Thanks for my close friends, they took over and made some of those plans I had planned into reality. Also, they surprise me by giving me one of the best birthday presents I ever gotten in my life. They hosted me an amazing party at The Empire Hotel Rooftop, as well an amazing stay at The Empire Hotel. I was very happy about the surprise and all the support from my friends. That inspire me to continue making my dreams come true and continue making people proud even if they are not in this word physically, but somewhere over looking and taking care of you. 

After a couple of crazy couple weeks, I'm back! And like I said before, even if I'm gone for a month, a year, I will always be here some how. Below, are a couple of photos from taken during May and a wrote a little about them, because why not! That's all for today, and I'll see you all in my next post. 

Like tradition, when it starts getting warmer in New York, I always enjoy going to one of my favorite locations of all time, Fire Island. 

While staying on the island, I got the chance to do a small photoshoot for Unite Education Inc. Which is a new non-profit organization a couple of friends and myself started not too long ago. (For info about that coming soon)

There's nothing better than seeing your friends after a long period of time and catch up with them.

At my first summer gala of the season. Attending my school Student Award Gala, in which I won an award last year but this time I was just honored I got to attend for a second time.


Where business and pleasure usually mix.

Arriving to my room at The Empire Hotel and Enjoying a lovely picnic at Central Park.

Celebrating my birthday, at The Empire Hotel Rooftop

Morning after a crazy night of partying, enjoying a fresh splash at The Empire Hotel rooftop pool and why not enjoy the amazing NYC skyline along the way.

Walking around NYC looking for a place to grab brunch before heading back to our "really"  busy business lives. 

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