July 30, 2015

STK Downtown & Rooftop

Restaurant Review #1

Hello everyone! Since, my first attendance to New York Fashion Week two years ago, I've been noticing quite a new hobby of mine. As a person who loves food, loves trying new things and enjoy the out-doors, going to unique restaurants have been a new learning experience and I'm here to share it with you all of you.

Back in April, a couple of friends and I, decided to stop by to grab dinner at the STK Downtown, right in the middle of the Meat Packing District, in New York City, on celebration of one of our friend's birthday. Once, I walk into the restaurant, I was really amazed of how elegant, classic and modern, the restaurant look. Our table reservation was one of the first ones of the day, they made us wait on their waiting area which by the way, the was very nice and comfortable, located almost right in by the entrance and almost right in the middle of the restaurant, bringing you a warm and nice feeling of the entire restaurant.

After we got sited, our waitress was honestly, so welcoming and so nice. She was friendly and so much fun. We also noticed that this restaurant also has a rooftop and we got super excited, but unfortunately, because it wasn't spring/summer yet, they weren't open yet.

Once we left the restaurant, I knew I need to come back again and go to the rooftop, since I'm a big lover of rooftops. And that's exactly what I did a couple of weeks ago. The rooftop was so much fun, the music, the people, and not to forget, the view of the Meat Packing District. I also was really excited to see the waitress who helped my friends and I, in our last visit. That made it even more welcoming and more fun!

Now let's talk about my favorite part, the food! Back to my first visit in April, I was really into trying out new fish recipes. When I looked at the menu, they have some very delicious varieties of fish and different kind of other meats. I'm very picky when it comes to fish, it has to be well cook and not too dry or too watery. Once I got my order, I was very surprise of how delicious the fish was. My mouth belted of the delicious flavor of the fish. I was very happy with it. On my second visit, I order the mini burgers, or like I like to call them, Krabby Patties. They are small and cute, but don't be fool, these little burgers have a lot of favor within, these little burgers, got me asking for another order. The more I visit the STK Downtown, the more I notice the reason why I'm back. That's all for today and i see you all in my next post.

Restaurant Info:
STK Downtown & Rooftop
26 Little W 12th ST, New York, NY 10014
(646) 624-2444

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