October 3, 2015

September 2015 Favorites

Items I've been obsessed over the month of September

September was definitely the month I started carrying more things than usual, from crazy NYFW packing to school supplies. Here are my favorites items I've been crazy about for the month of September.

1) J-Crew's Tote Bag - A couple of days before school started for me, I didn't even notice I didn't have a bag I would've like to use for the coming semester. But while looking through my bags, I found this J-Crew's tote bag which I one used once. Since I started using for school, I also been coming my go-to-go back, in which I use it most of the time to not just carry for school supplies, but also my work essentials. This bad is big enough for all my needs and also, comfortable on the shoulder compare to other tote bags I've use previously.

2) Tommy Hilfiger Sport Bag - After purchasing this bag back in May, I honestly didn't have any purpose of buying it, but since I had it, I started using as my bad to carry my sport supplies such as my tennis balls, bottles of water etc. But times in need like packing for NYFW, this bag was perfect to carry my camera and other important equipment. Since then, it has been my favorite bag for both my sport essentials and camera equipment.

3) TRESemmé Hairspray - Can't leave the hair with my hair on point. For some time now, this hairspray has done miracles to my hair styling. Since lately, I've been experimenting with different hair styles as much as possible, this hairspray has always been in need. For over a year, this hairspray haven't disappoint at any moment.

4) Garnier BB Cream - Foundation can be a little heavy sometimes, specially when it comes to taking photos and specially when you're wearing it mostly for a good about of time. Since I discover this product, it has become one of my favorites, not only because it gives be good coverage, it also control my oily skin to stay shine free for most of the day and specially during shoots.

5) H&M Sunglasses - We all have that one pair of sunglasses we can always count on when we need them in a bit. These pair of sunglasses are usually store in my car and there are my go-to-go sunglasses and they are always where I need them when I go somewhere and forget to bring a desire pair of sunglasses. Which seems to be happening to me a lot over the month of September.

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