November 10, 2015


New season, new style with Rocksbox! 

New season, new style. Early this year during New York Fashion Week, I got the chance to met a beautiful fashionista named Britney. During our conversation, I asked her if she can give my readers any tips on personal style, she said "Just be yourself" and after I gave her a compliment on her beautiful necklace she was wearing, I also asked her where she got it, and she mention me about Rocksbox.com.

Rocks box is a jewlery loan service that follows only three simple steps, become a shine insider (member), get 3 pieces to wear on loan and return anytime to get 3 new pieces. As a stylist myself, I was really surprised on never hearing about this before. After a couple of months, I received an email from them and they wanted to partner up with me to bring my readers this wonderful idea.

As an insider member, I got to picked my first Rocksbox collection and use it for one of my photoshoots. When I received my Rocksbox on the mail, I was really surprise of the packaging and how organize and well handle everything was, it made me more excited and satisfied of the service. After I checked out the jewelry I receive, I was also very happy with the quality of the jewelry and how beautiful the collection was. After I used it for the photoshoot, I set everything back in the beautiful package it come in and sent it back, and a couple of days later, I received a new different collection of jewlery for another photoshoot.

Rather than me telling you more about how great this service is, you can check it out yourself at rocksbox.com and thanks to my partnership with Rocksbox you can get one month for FREE by using the code: javierortizxoxo . That's all for today and we see you in our next post.

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