November 17, 2015

White Is The New Black!

Wearing white, no-matter the season!

There's nothing wrong by being curious, but have you ever asked yourself what the heck is people's problem by wearing white if isn't summer season? I was just asking myself that question every time I wear something white on any other season besides summer.

Since I couldn't figured out the answer myself, I head over the internet for some answers and was really shock of the answers I got. According to some articles I read, wearing white was a wealth fashion statement and only those who were wealthy, knew about the rules of wearing white, in which it should apparently be only worn during summer time. After a couple of years later, wearing white become a representation of honor and respect.

After reading a couple of other articles, I came to the conclusion that wearing white has always been a symbol of wealth, health and power. So what's wrong with that? Since we now live in a world of quality, I'm guessing wearing white has a very sophisticated meaning for special events. Shouldn't everyday be a special event? Don't get me wrong, even if you're having a bad day, cheer up! Everyday is a different day and it can only be different if you make it different. Another thing I learn from the articles I read, was that wearing white not only was meaning of wealth, but also a meaning of a happier life. 

So let's get rib of your black wardrobe and start wearing white, don't worry, Javiortiz.com has your back on this decision! White is elegant, formal and just like black, everyone looks good in it. Hope everyone is having a nice day and we'll see you in our next post!


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