January 20, 2016

Green Shade

Shopping spread, and winter season trend!

Since last winter season, I became in love with long winter coats (See Post Here). Not only they keep your body warm, they can be worn any day, to any occasion, wether it is casual or dressy. And also, it has become a very popular fashion trend.

After attending New York Fashion Week and temperatures dropping back in September, It was time for some winter season shopping spread. What was on top of my list you may ask? New coats! I usually don't talk about the way I shop, but It can get a little stressful. Yeah, shopping can be stressful for a fashionista like myself. There's nothing worst than walk into store and see the same plaid shirt and the same color jeans in every store. (How I shop post coming soon).

While walking to four different stores and unsuccessfully finding something I liked, I end up in forever 21. Once I walked into the store, it was like love at first sight, it was right in front of me this amazing, nice long coat, I picked it and I tried it on. At first, I wasn't too sure of the green color, but after I tried it on, I was very happy I found something not in a common color for a long coats, and I'm all about uncommon (vintage) Items.

After purchasing it, I couldn't wait to wear it out. Here, I pair up my green long coat, with a casual simple lined dress shirt, with a pair of black jeans. For a more comfortable look, I wore my H&M white sneakers and top it all up with my famous black fedora hat. Since it was a bit cold out, I match it with my white and black knitted scarf. That's all for today, and I see you all in out next post!


Forever 21 Green Long Coat

Gap Lined Shirt 

H&M Black Jeans 

H&M White Sneakers

Express Fedora Hat

H&M Black & White Scarf

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