January 28, 2016

TOP 5: Instagrams Of The Week #1

Week of January 21- 28 

Instagram has become a major platform to find inspiration and entertainment, our Top 5: Instagrams Of The Week focus in picking our most favorite outfit looks from bloggers, celebrities and even from our readers. Here are this week's Top five.

1. @Chrisellelim;
Wearing: Versace Dress, BreeLayne Blouse.

2. @Chiaraferragni;
Wearing: Fendi Vintage Coat, Nike Sneakers, Chanel Bag.

3. @Kadudantas;
Wearing: Ricardo Almeida Green Suit.

4. @Kristinabazan;
Wearing: Versace Dress, Dior Bag.

5. @Trav_white_;
Wearing: Boda Skins Leather Jacket, Adidas Sneakers.

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