February 8, 2016

Design Shades : Gray

Inspiring room designs

 Color can set the mood to anything, an outfit, a room, even on the weather. Since apartment hunting isn't as easy as it sounds, nothing hurts by getting some ideas and inspiration for some of the rooms in my future apartment.

Today, we are going to focus on the color gray. Why gray? I believe the color gray or any shade of gray, can add a very modern touch to anything, including a room. I'm a big fun of natural light, the lighter the room is, the better it is for myself to stay awake, and stay energetic. Adding a light shade of gray color to the walls and/or gray furniture to any room, can reflect light, making any room more bright, elegant and modern.

Here, I'm sharing a couple of inspiring images of rooms that reflect exactly my vision of the color gray. Along the way, you can also get inspired by the simplicity of the decoration and the fun details of the rooms and how bright and modern every room design looks. Hope everyone get inspired as I did and I'll see you on our next post.







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