February 3, 2016




Is winter season, and there's nothing more comfortable then staying home! There are many different points of view from people when I comes to describe each season, specially winter. Some may hate it because of the cold and some may love it, but here's something for everyone!

When I think of winter, I think of snow and nice warm coats. But not gonna lie, when you have to clean up your drive way early in the morning to go to work and drive dramatically slow and cover up all your body to stay warm, isn't the best picture to describe the real season of winter. But on a day off, sitting at home like I am right now, looking over my back yard full of snow and drinking tea in my H&M PJ's, I'm feeling nice and relaxed. Instead of me describing how inspiring my view is, here are some inspiring winter photos I found on tumblr. Hope everyone is having a warm winter and also get inspired by these photos like I did.








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