February 2, 2016

January 2016 Favorites

January 2016 

One month down, 11 more to go. Is crazy how fast January flew by, but happy that is finally February, New York Fashion Week is just around the corner and who can forget, Valentine's Day too. Here are my January's Favorites.

January was a cold and very snowy, and a bit stressful. The begging of the month was nice and relaxing since I decided to take a couple of days off from work to focus in ideas for projects and to also focus in my personal life. Right after being back at work, in which I missed, working on projects and school have been keeping me busy. In this post, I'll be showing you guys items I've used a lot and items that are now my actually favorite things to use on the daily basics. Hope your January was as productive as mine was and I'll see you in my next post.

1. Black with Gold Charm Loafers; ZARA

When I'm shopping, there are a couple of rules I follow (How I Shop post coming soon) "If it doesn't speak to me, I won't purchase it" those are some of the words I go by when shopping, and while shopping at Zara back in December, I saw these shoes, and it was like love in first sigh. I looked through for my shoe size, found them, try them on, and purchased them. It was like magic! I have noticed, that 2015 was the year I become in love with loafers, they are comfortable, they are classic and go well together for any occasion and excited to add more to my loafer collection through out my life.

2. Classic Black Cologne; Puma

Giving to me by my mother as part of her christmas present, I've been in love with the smell of this cologne. For many years, I was the kind of person who didn't like any of the smells of any colognes, or being very picky when it came to purchasing one. A couple of days before christmas, I had purchase a cologne myself, but after receiving this Puma cologne, it became my favorite by the moment I wore it.

3. Apple Watch Gold; Apple

Who doesn't love an early christmas present, right! As a busy person myself, and as person who's phone is never on loud, or in vibration, this Apple Watch has become heaven for me. While walking through the Apple store in Fifth Ave in New York City, I couldn't resist till christmas, and gave myself an early christmas present. Since them, I've been using it like crazy and can't leave the house without it! (Apple Watch Review, coming soon)

4. Black and White Scarf; H&M

Winter has been a killer. We can all agree, getting sick sucks! And as a person who's job is always on the go and as a person who is out for most of the day, staying covered and warm, is a must. I've been having this scarf for sometime now, and I don't exactly know why I didn't use it a lot before, but this January, I've been using it like crazy, and maybe is because it's always there when I need it and easy to put-on, but no matter what I'm wearing, it still looks good and that's all I care.

5. Brown Messenger Leather BagCalvin Klein 

"Sometimes, the things you're looking for,  might be on sale" And that's exactly what happened when I  purchased this bag. For sometime, I was looking for a bag that I can wear anywhere, fit all my stuff, looks fashionable, and isn't too big and finally, I found this Brown Leather Bag from Calvin Klein. When I first saw, and tried it on, I felt in love with it, but I couldn't get it back then, but a couple of weeks later, I went back for it, and I got the amazing surprise that it was on sale. It was like heaven speaking to my ears. Since then , I've been caring this bag everywhere I go and I can't go no where without it. In other words, It's my life in a bag and I love it!

6. Passion Tango and Youth Berry Tea; Starbucks

Like I said before, winter has been a killer, and I try to stay as warm and healthy as I can! We all know Starbucks is my life, even though, I don't do coffee or expressos most of the time, tea is always the best way to go! This month and for sometime before the new year, I've been obsess with a mix of Passion Tango and Youth Berry Hot Tea. I love catching up with work and read through magazines and the news paper in the morning while enjoying my morning tea. I totally recommend to try it out!

7. Black Beanie; H&M

 Like my mother says "What's the point of covering your neck and your head if you don't cover your openings!" At first I though that was funny, and that's because is true. In a very cold New York City night, I was on my way for dinner with a couple of friends and I wasn't wearing anything that would prepare me for the cold night. So, I did what I usually do when I need something at last minute which is to go to an H&M store. There, I found this beanie on sale and since then, I've been wearing like crazy when the temperature drops. The color goes with anything you wear it with and gives it a nice edgy look.

8. Green Long Coat; Forever 21

Since last year, I became in love with long coats, so much that now, I own a couple of them! January has been the perfect month to wear long coats, and this one from Forever 21, has been my favorite so far. Not only is warm and long, I love the green color on this jacket. The green makes it different and unique and incredibly, it goes well with anything I wear, no matter if it is something casual or fancy.

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