March 3, 2016

February 2016 Favorites

February 2016

February was a month full of running around in cold weather and carrying a lot of things, but there's no dough, it was fun and let's not forget, fashionable too. Here are my favorite items of the month of February 2016.

Black Long Coat 
Forever 21

Not going to lie, it look me quite sometime to find this coat, and the reason why, it's because I'm picky when it comes in buying clothes (How I shop post coming soon) but once I purchased this long coat, it became my to-go-jacket, specially during the cold month of February. 

Light Blue Jeans

I'm usually not the kind of guy who wear jeans, but since February, I've been in love with my latest jean purchase from H&M. These jeans are not only comfortable, but also so chic and edgy that looks good with basically everything. Plus, we all know jeans are always in style.

GQ Magazine

While traveling for work, or just when I need some inspiration, GQ always have my back. I found a store here in New York City that have all the GQ Magazines from early years and even from different countries, been catching up on them and have been an obsession this past month.

Navy Blue Turtle Neck Shirt

While shopping for a client, I came across this Navy Blue Turtle Shirt, and we all know how much I love turtle neck shirts during cold season. After purchasing two of the same shirts, one for my client and one for myself, I've been wearing more than expected, but it sure kept me warm during this past month crazy freezing weather.

Brown Dress Shoes 

Black Friday crazy shopping experience got me buying these Bass Brown Dress Shows. When I first purchased these shoes, I didn't know why I needed them for, but they sure came handle during this past month. Not only they were comfortable to run about the city, but they also kept me warm, plus you can also tell by the pictures, I've been using these babies quite a lot.

Tote Bag 

I'm always on the go, which means I usually carry a lot of things with me. Besides my regular computer bag, this tote bag has been my ready-to-go bag and for some reason this bag and another tote bag I have from J-Crew, are always around when I'm on a rush and I need a bag to carry my clothes for a quit outfit change during the day (My daily routine post coming soon).

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