April 25, 2016

Design Shades : Green

Inspiring room designs

For some people, green is a terrible color, but we believe there's not such thing as a terrible color, but more like a terrible choice maker. Here are some inspiring green room designs to illustrate into your home, office or anywhere you would like.

Yellow, red, blue, and green, we consider pop-out colors, because they give life and stand out the most. When it comes to adding a pop off color to any living space, keeping in mind a 3D dimension feeling is always an easy way to work.

We called these colors pop-out colors because depending in the living space, they are the most colors that will stand out, and using a 3D dimension technic to work with it, helps creating an amazing creation. Keeping the more neutral colors as a background and adding pop of color, in this case green items, to create a fun and creative living space. Thanks to the brightness and the nature alike, green is a perfect color to add to any room and make it feel big, and fresh.

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