April 5, 2016




April is known as the month of rain, when the north atmosphere starts getting warmer and starts hydrating itself. Some people way love rainy days, and some may hate, there's always something for everyone, but let's make the best of this rainy month and let's get inspired from it. 

It's not a secret, rainy days are the best to catch up with sleep and to just relax at home with a cup of coffee or tea and to make it even better, to catch up with some of your favorite tv shows or movies. But for those who have to work and to be outside most of the time, rainy days aren't too relaxing as they sound, but instead, they might be some of the messiest days. But always trying to keep your energy positive and make the best of things are always a great way to make through any day.

For this month's Inspiration Wall, we will be focusing in relaxing, and save as much energy as we can, even through rainy days and always to keep in mind, that this is just the beginning of something nice, like summer season. Hope everyone get inspired and remember to stay dry.










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