April 28, 2016

Non-Seasonal Denim

Head-to-toe spring denim!

Denim is never out of style, no matter the season, no matter the weather, you can't never go wrong by wearing denim. When I think of denim, I think of edginess and also sharpness. Is also easy to wear and most importantly, comfortable!

One of today's biggest style trend has been denim, and specially wearing it from head-to-toe. And by the way I see it, is also going to be big this summer season. For this outfit look, we took the chance of a nice sunny day and enjoy it by going to a near by beach. For us here in New York, we can-not wait for more sunny days like these and also summer vacation.

An easy way to match denim with is natural colors, such brown, beige, gray, black and white. Depending on the kind of denim and depending on the darkness or lightness, different colors can be match with it. For this look, I matched it with one of my favorites fedora hats in a light brown color and a pair of loafers, also in a light brown color to add a more casual feeling to this outfit look. Like I said before, denim can be worn any season and sometimes, to any event, as long that you do it right, and pick the right items and colors to match it. That's all for today and we'll see you in our next post.

Photographer: Dimitri Ramos 


Forever 21
 Denim Shirt 

Levi's Light Denim Jeans

ZARA Light Brown Loafers

Forever 21 Tote Brown Bag

H&M Sunglasses 

Vintage Fedora Brown Hat

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