April 20, 2016

Squared Sweatpants

Lifestyle crisis! 

Since starting my new fitness goal, keeping up with it, have been a fun experience. Adding a new personal gym routine to even adjusting my daily work schedule have been a bit easy, but rocking athletic clothing has for sure been a bit of a challenge.

As much time I might expend outdoors, wearing athletic is something I was't really used to. When I started changing my lifestyle, some shopping was definitely needed. While doing some shopping, I came across these squared print sweatpants from Forever 21. And the best part, they were on sale! We all know I can't say no to a good piece of clothing on sale.

I pick my outfits in the morning usually depending on the things I'm about to do through out the day, but sometimes, I might over estimate on conform and a lot of walking and running around with the wrong shoes, can get to a bad feet situation. Last minute shopping required again, and while looking for some comfortable shoes, I came across these white shoes from Rue 21, in which they were also on sale for only five dollars. Five Dollars! I started wearing them right on the spot and have been loving them since,  for some nice edgy and sporty outfit looks. 

I'm not pretty sure If I have talked about this green bag before but in case I haven't, I've had this bag for quite sometime now and it has turned into my to-go bag when I either have a lot of things to take with me or even when I'm traveling for a couple of days. This bag is the perfect size for me, is not too big or too small for myself, and even though I've been trying to find other similar bags like it, they usually end up being a bit too big for my needs. That's all for today, and we'll see you in our next post.

Photographer: Dimitri Ramos 


Beige Knitted Sweater

Forever 21 Squared Black Sweatpants

H&M  Green Bag

Rue-21  White Shoes 

H&M Sunglasses 

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