May 23, 2016

Running With Smartwater

Being active and staying hydrated!

Being active has always been part of my life, started when I was a kid, but never actually saw the fun in it or didn't even cross my interest. Today, I wish I had the same motivation back then like I do now and to see how fun being active everyday can be. 

When I was a kid, every Sunday during the summer season, my dad used to take my brother and I for long bike rides, jogs by the beach and even thought us boxing. Unfortunately, I never appreciated the effort and the benefits of those fun sports till today. I remember one very hot summer day, my dad, my brother and I, stopped by a deli to grab bottles of water for our long bike journey. I remember looking from top to bottom into the deli's fridge trying to pick a bottle of water and also wonder why there were so many choices. I decided to go with what grabbed my attention, I end up picking a nice blue bottle, it wasn't too big or it wasn't too small compare to the other choices. That was the day, I had my first SmartWater bottle.

Even though I wasn't very into sports or any actual physical activities like I am today, one think for sure haven't change, and that's my water! Now a days, everyone have preferences to many things, from their coffee, their clothing, and even their water. For myself, SmartWater is not only just simple water, but memories of my youth and the part of future for sure! And the taste you might ask? Going back to when I was around six or seven years old, I remember playing outside and it started raining, for some reason, I opened my mouth, let the rain get in my mouth and actually drink the rain water - I was weird - but the water tasted light and refreshing. Later on, when my mom found out what I did, my aunt defended me by saying a fun fact, she said "rain water is the healthiest water on earth" - obviously depending on your location - and after learning a little about where the water from SmartWater comes from, thanks to the educational subscription on every bottle, it brings me back to that memorable moment of my childhood. 

Now that I'm more active and actually see the fun in sports, SmartWater is always along with any of my new adventures. I recommend everyone to be more active this summer season and enjoy every move they make, and don't forget to stay hydrated from summer hot days and live life in the clouds, with SmartWater. 

Photographer: Dimitri Ramos 


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