May 4, 2016


Edgy morning New Yorker inspired look!

Let's be honest, we all have those days that we forget to set up the alarm the night before, having to wake up either late or just on time to run out. Here's a last minute look you can pull off in no time, inspired by local New Yorkers.

While sitting in a coffee shop on an early Monday morning in down town New York City, style is easy noticeable. Leaving us wondering how much time people actually expend in their outfit looks. For this last minute outfit look, a pair of a nice, fitted black pants, is always your best bet when it comes to pulling off something at last minute. Here, we paired it up with a creamy statement top by Isabel Marant, because last minute, shouldn't mean you can't make a fashion statement.
Talking about fashion statements, here, we also paired this look with a current trend, the classic platform sneakers. For this look with decided to go with a nice black sneakers by Stella McCartney. 

Now for the best part, accessories! A nice black fedora hat can always be a great way to cover morning hair and still look like a million bucks without even trying. For jewelry, you can't go wrong with a simple, small, round, gold earrings and a couple of small, gold rings to match with it. Also, to catch up with your time, here we also added a beautiful gold watch by Larsson & Jennings. Then we matched it with crafted bracelet by Chan Luu, put it all together and grab this amazing Burberry bag, along with a pair of leather headphones like these ones by Frends. Can't leave the house with out a pair of sunglasses, in here, we match this look with a pair of aviator, rose sunglasses by Linda Farrow, and defiantly can't leave the house without your phone, so why not style it with a luxury phone case like the one furring on this look by Dolce & Gabbana! Hope you like this look and we'll see you on our next SWJV Outfit Look. 

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