May 30, 2016

Why I Love Starbucks 2.0

Happy Anniversary!

On this day, four years ago, not only was I having one of the worst birthdays of my life, it was also the beginning of one of my greatest creations and main source of my career today! And this year, we're celebrating with an update and look back to my first post of all time.

When I first started blogging - How Javiortiz.com started post coming soon - I didn't know much about blogging, the world of fashion, the internet business, didn't even know what to talk about or what to share, but I sure shared what three things. My first post of all time, was a welcome to my blog, a couple of minutes later I posted a blog sharing my feelings regarding about my unknown birthday, and my third post was my current obsession back then, and still till this day, Why I Love Starbucks.

When I first heard of Starbucks back when I started high school, some of the first things I heard was and still is also the most common thing people say about Starbucks and that is "too expensive". When I finally decided to go to one and find out what the thrill was about, I sure didn't think it was mad expensive as people used to say to me. After the visit, I remember trying to stop by Starbucks before heading to school as often as I could. Back then, I was in love with getting a grande Mocha Cookie Crumble and after a while, I started to get into getting a grande Caramel Macchiatos.

Today, I have many different favorite options depending on the season and depending on how I'm feeling. In the last couple of months, I've noticed to prefer tea over coffee most of time. I consider myself naturally very energetic and feel that drinking too much coffin might affect that in the long run, I try to stay away from it by drinking hot tea instead and my current favorite mix have been Passion Tango and Youth Berry, or Peach when my local Starbucks run out of Youth Berry. This tea is always nice and warm for cold season and those sick days. But when It gets warmer out, cold teas are my favorites and one of my all time favorite cold tea is also the Passion Tango tea mixed with Lemonade, and I ask for it always sweated.

For the holidays, I like the smell and the taste of cinnamon, a favorite drink to have during this season is Vanilla Chia with non-fat milk with three pumps of vanilla syrup and four pumps of cinnamon dolce syrup, topped with a lot of cinnamon powder. For me, is like Christmas is a cup. And no matter the season, I'm still in love with a Caramel Macchiato with an extra shot of expresso for those days that I'm very tired and need a bust.

Not only I love the drinks from Starbucks, I also love the environment. In the last year alone, I've lived in many different locations and because of my job, traveling to different areas have been a nice adventure and Starbucks is always a great way to learn and meet the locals. Besides loving to meet new people, is also a great place to do work. For myself, I find it hard to be able to do work at my own house because I keep my home for only for relaxation and enjoyment. Because there are so many Starbucks located within the U.S. finding a near by one is kind of easy and they have free wifi, I mean come-on. Hope everyone at least try Starbucks for once if you haven't and also try out some of my favorite drinks I mention today and once again, happy anniversary from Javiortiz.com.

Photographer: Dimitri Ramos 

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