May 19, 2016

Work It Out!

Exercising a new lifestyle!

Working out can be easy for some people, but consistency and dedication is sure a struggle. Is time to start setting up goals, start achieving them and just work it out! Here, are a couple of my personal tips to achieve your new lifestyle goals. 

When I started going back to the gym early this year, I always try to keep three things in mind. One, "work out for a better life". You have no idea of how people join the gym and expect changes in a week and then they stop because they don't think is working. From previous experiences I had, that's what usually happens. The gym or any kind of physical activities are part of a healthy lifestyle, and they show results in many ways, not only on the outside. That's why when I work out, I'm not expecting physical results, or expect anything, just knowing the fact that I'm being active and moving around, keeps me motivated to continue doing more.

Another thing that I always try to keep in mind, is to not weigh myself. When I first joined the gym, I weighed myself just to see how much I weigh. That was also the last time I did that. Why? Going back to "work out for a better life", thinking on having to lose weigh too much, ain't going to get you no where, or I least It didn't for me. Thinking too much of the problem, isn't going to fix the problem. 

Which also brings me to my other thing that I always try to keep in mind, which is, to have fun and enjoy it. Being active should be fun and pleasurable, and I feel if you are thinking too much and stressing out for expecting results, you are not doing it right. Adding changes into your life ain't easy, that's why is always good to take baby steps, and it works the same when it comes on being active. Working out is a lifestyle, not a job, and remember, "Work out for a better life", stop weighing yourself, have fun and enjoy it! 

Photographer: Dimitri Ramos 


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