June 3, 2016



Summer season is here, and we all know what summer means, #party! Many people prefer summer season for many of their personal social events such as weddings, birthday celebrations, some holidays or just the simplicity of enjoying the company of some friends and family members.

For this month's inspiration wall, we have been inspired by those fun party moments we have had and will be having this summer season. There's not dough, there will be a lot of pool, beach, house parties this season, and they all will make us feel happy and will make our summer, a summer to remember. This season, we encourage everyone to try something new and to enjoy this summer season as much as you can with friends and family, and don't forget, for those who drink, to drink responsibly.

** Photos were found on Tumblr. If you are or know some who owns them & would like Javiortiz.com to take them down, please feel free to contact us (Contact)**

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