June 6, 2016

Visit To The Metropolitan Museum Of Art

Fascinating and inspiring!

Art comes in many ways and forms, from different locations and different cultures, opening minds and sculpturing dreams for years to come. Here's my latest visit to one of my favorite museums of all time, The Metropolitan Museum Of Art. 

When I first visit this museum during a school field trip years ago, I was really fascinated by many of the art pieces exhibited at this museum. Even thought I didn't appreciate art back then as I do today, I still remember developing ideas and curiosity in many of the pieces creation process and history. Let me start off by saying that this museum, just like many within New York City, are huge and may take more than one day trip to explore it all.

For this occasion, my main reason of visit was to check out the new and temporary, fashion special exhibition - Manus x Machina - Fashion in a Age of Technology - but is also nice to relive those moments of inspiration by revisiting other all time available exhibitions shown on this post.

For this long day of exploring and reliving inspiration, I decided to formalize my outfit look by wearing my new blue pants from Zara, and one thing that I love about these pants is that the moment I tried them on, they instantly fit me and also, is already ankle cut, so no need for me to adjust them to fit me the way I like my pants to be. In other words, I had that emotion moment when you find something special fitted for you, without actually being done for you. I paired them up with a simple white, Ralph Lauren Polo shirt and a simple vintage, black cardigan to keep my temperature balanced through out my visit, since it can get a bit cold from the air conditioner. I found a tie with a similar color and print of the pants, so I decided to wear it. And for all day comfort, I wore my Louis Vuitton brown loafers, I wore once during last season of New York Fashion Week. That's all for today, and if you're in New York City or planning to visit New York any time soon, pass by and check out this amazing and inspiring museum.

Photographer: Dimitri Ramos 


Ralph Lauren Polo 
White Polo 

Unknown Black Cardigan 

J-Crew Blue Tie 

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