July 6, 2016



It's July and is also the middle of summer, which means, if you haven't taken a vacation yet or haven't been planing one this summer season, it might be time to be rethinking that and keep in consideration in doing a fun, relaxing road trip or road trips, this summer season. 

Don't know about you all, but my friends and I, love having fun road trips. There's nothing more fun than being on the road with close friends heading to discover new places and create fun memories together. This month of July, we have so many road trips ideas and plans that we can't wait to go on and talk about them. When we think of road trips, we like to keep three things in mind, keep it close,, keep it fresh, and most importantly, to keep it fun.

Keep it close, when you think of road trips, many people think of far, far away and road trips doesn't really have a time limit. But we like to discover our surroundings and there are a lot of great places near our home we haven't visit yet. Plus, we don't want to be those locals who don't really know much about their own home town or state. We live in Long Island, New York, and is summer time, and there's a lot to do out here. Ever though long island is big, a two hour drive to The Hamptons doesn't hurt no one once in a while. Keep it fresh, we try not to do the same thing we did before if we visit a place we already visit. So keeping it fresh is always a great idea, and also, visiting new areas, or going to different locations, keep the road trip more adventurous. And last, keep it fun, don't stress too much if you get lost, or someone needs to pee in the middle of the way, that's what make road trips fun and memorable, plus a good pee story is always fun to tell. Hope everyone gets inspired to take a road trip or any kind of trip this summer season if haven't yet, and we'll see you in our next post.






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