August 19, 2016

Curly Hair, Don't Care!

Curly hair is in! From crazy waves to all natural poufs! 

One of my best friends and I were chatting the other day about how crazy our hair was compared to our friends growing up. We practically killed our strands with CHI flat irons back in the day because straight hair felt comfortable and seemed more acceptable. I will never forget a friend in seventh grade telling me she didn't know I had curly hair because I always had it straight, even if it was just my ponytail. 

I started to embrace my curls in college when I simply didn't have time to do my hair. Over the years, I've become quite educated on how to take care of curls. Here are some of my favorite tips and tricks I've learned from professionals, beauty gurus and other curly girls:

1. Sleep on a silk or satin pillowcase . This will help decrease frizz and friction on your hair when you toss and turn. A pack of 2 can easily be purchased on Amazon, plus you can wash and dry them.

2. Get a proper hair cut. This is so important because if curly hair is not shaped properly, it will be hard to manage and look unflattering. Most curly hair dressers cut hair dry because when your hair is wet, it's hard to see how your hair falls. Check out Mona Baltazar at Muze Salon, an NYC stylist deemed the "curly hair whisperer". Check out her talent on her Instagram, which Elle magazine named one of the top 6 to follow for hair stylists: @monabaltazar

3. Use a sulfate free shampoo . Sulfates are awful for your hair and scalp in general. Curly girls need sulfate free products as curly hair tends to be super dry naturally. You can also opt for a cleansing conditioner. My favorite is the sulfate free shampoo from Aveeno. Some times I opt for DevaChan's No Poo for extra moisture. 

4. Conditioner  is your best friend. Curly girls are known to use more conditioner than shampoo. I will never stop using the DevaCurl One Condition or their new Decadence formula. For extra moisture, make sure to deep condition once a week. When it's time to style, a leave-in conditioner will help to keep your hair frizz free when air drying. 

Go rock your curls because they are big, bold and beautiful! 

Written by: Jamie Seiden @jamie_sei

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