August 11, 2016

Lighthouse Boardwalk | Fire Island


There are a couple of locations I love to revisit every summer season, and one of them is The Fire Island Lighthouse! This location reminds me of great memorable memories from the past and learning more about the history of it, makes me fall in love with this location even more. 

I remember my first time I visit this location accompanied by someone very special back in the day. I remember being very excited for this new adventure and after walking almost 192 steps to the top of the lighthouse, I felt happy and become in love with the amazing view of the open ocean and even the tiny view of the New York Skyline.

Months later, I revisit this location again with a couple of close friends to work on a special project we were working on, and honestly it was so much sharing that moment with them in one of my favorite locations of all time. But nothing can compare to the lovely picnic date someone made for me a couple of weeks later right across the lighthouse. Honestly, one of the best memorable memories I have in this location. After all of those great moments, The Fire Island Lighthouse became one of my must locations to visit during the summer season. 

Photos by Dimitri Ramos Exclusively for Javiortiz.com


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