October 4, 2016



Fall has arrived, or like we like called it in the fashion world, sweater season! For this month's Inspiration Wall, we are being inspired by sweaters and chilly weather, because there's nothing more warm and comfortable than wearing an oversized sweater, accompanied by a nice warm cut of coffee or tea. 

The temperatures here in New York are dropping very fast and is definitely time for a good fall cleaning. Many people think fall cleaning isn't important, but when you have a big closet, sometimes is good to differentiate what items you would like to wear in specific seasons, but also, gives you space in your closet, perfect for your new purchases in the next couple of seasons.

Even though, it might get chilly, we recommend to step outside, not only to take photos with the beautiful color of the trees, but also to enjoy fresh air, or even go pumpkin picking. So put on your favorite warm sweater and jeans, and get going, because fall is finally here! That's all for today and we see you in our next post!











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