November 9, 2016

Fire Island Pines Pool Deck | Fire Island

Pool Party?

They're a lot of things Fire Island is known for, and one of them is for super fun pool parties. Even thought the beach is literally one minute walk away no matter where you are in Fire Island, mostly everyone that lives here has a pool. With a couple of friends in town, there's nothing more fun than by having a pool party to refresh from the high summer heat. 

For this outfit editorial, I decided to head out to Fire Island Pines Pool Deck. This pool isn't like any other, this pool is of the main attractions in this part of the island. Most weekends, there're pool parties being host, and let me tell you, they are so much fun. You get to meet the neighbors and even outsiders, is a great community event. And during the week, is a place of relaxation, don't forget to order your favorite drink in the daily open pool bar or just take a jump once in a while to defeat the heat when it starts to burn.

For this look, once again, inspired by my obsessed head-to-toe print style, I decided to match this navy blue shirt from H&M with one of my J-Crew shorts. I love how the colors watch with the refreshing water of the pool. To stay protected from the sun, I wore my round yellow fedora hat and my still current favorite sunglasses from Hugo Boss. To add a unique style, I tied up a navy blue bandana around mu ankle for a more edgy look, and finished up with my Forever 21 brown leather crossed sandals. Coming to this island is always a memorable getaway, and having the opportunity to be back, is what motivates me to continue doing what I love and share moments like these with those special to my life and like you all. That's all for today and I'll see you all in my next post! 


 Navy Blue Shirt 

J-Crew Navy Blue Shorts 

Forever 21 Leather Sandals 

H&M Round Hat 

Hugo Boss Sunglasses 

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