November 24, 2016

Heavy Heat

Summer heat don't mix with style

This past summer season, I realized that trying to stay cool during high weather temperates, is actually harder than I thought. But I'm happy to say I survived and can't wait to give it a try next summer season, and hoping this time will be much easier.

When it comes to fashion, mixing and matching is actually fun, but trying to match things like high weather temperatures and a men's suit, that's where things get tricky. For this look, I wanted to stay as formal as I cloud, but keep it casual enough to be ready for a long day of meetings & photoshoots. Because on this day, it was really, really hot, I tried to stay away from heavy colors and heavy fabrics.

While looking through my closet, I was trying to find a blazer with the lightest, freshest fabric, and I end up going for this grey blazer I purchased a while back in a local H&M store. Since, I wasn't in the mood for pants, specially with over a hundred degrees outside, I decided to mix and match with the color of the blazer with a pair of shorts from Gap. Using a shirt during humid days, we can all know struggles gets real when you get wet sweat paths on a shirt. Instead, I decided to rock this navy blue t-shirt from Forever 21. 

For accessories, I tried to keep it as simple as I could, with my favorite Hugo Boss sunglasses, and mix and match with my Nordstrom navy blue cap. Since, I knew I would be moving a lot during this day, and I wanted to go for a formal causal look, I decided to rock on my vintage Chanel blue sneakers. Even though it sounds like I put on many layers on, I won't let the weather temperatures from having me looking the best and from rocking out my style - even thought sometimes I wish I could've just want naked - but that's for another story. That's all for today and I'll see you on my next post! 


Forever 21

H&M Grey Blazer 

Gap Light Beige Shorts 

Hugo Boss Grey Sunglasses 

Nordstrom Navy Blue Cap 

Chanel Vintage Sneakers 

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