November 22, 2016

Hudson River Park | NYC

Warm days and breathtaking views!

There are many locations where you can see the amazing New York City's skyline, and one of them, is from the historical Hudson River Park. During the last couple of warm days in New York, I decided to head on a go for a small visit to this location, not only to able to enjoy the nice weather, but also, to appreciate the New York City Skyline. 

Once in a while, is nice to take a step back and enjoy the little moments. While being in this park, accompanied by someone very important to me, and being able to be in one of my favorite cities of all time appreciating its beauty, is memorable and motivational.

Like I mentioned in previous posts, for some reason, I falling in love with same print head-to-toe outfit looks, and for this look, I decided to rock on my H&M same print shirt and shorts. But this time, I paired it with a nice navy blue blazer, to give it a for a more formal look. Followed by my favorite white fedora hat and white point loafers for that elegant fashion statement. Since, it was really nice out and the sun was warm and bright, I decided to wear this pair of wooden sunglasses, which I really didn't get to wear them as much since I purchased them back early summer. 

As you can see from the pictures in this post,  a view like this can't be ignore. I'm very happy to call this city and this state home! That's all for today and I'll see you in my next editorial. 



H&M Shorts 

H&M White Pointed Shoes 

H&M Navy Blue Blazer 

Forever 21 White Fedora Hat 

H&M Wooded Sunglasses 

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